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  • Sales Training Specific to Specialty Pharmacy Professionals

  • Gain an Immediate Competitive Edge in a Growing and Crowded Arena

  • Perfect for Specialty Pharmacies of All Shapes and Sizes, Geographies, Specialties and Areas of Focus

“CSI University has EVERYTHING you need to learn and know as a sales rep. My sales have gone up dramatically from all the new things I learned. I especially liked learning more about handling objections. I urge anyone who is serious about getting better and wanting to be the best out there to take this course. Amazing!!”

– Kristen, Sales Rep.

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What Makes CSI University Unique?

Learn from Experts Actually Using These Tactics Today

We practice what we preach every single day. Our dedicated sales team helps specialty pharmacy clients of all shapes and sizes create the right processes to drive accelerated growth.

Learn directly from our Senior Vice President of Sales as he shares the exact strategies, philosophies and procedures he uses to meet and exceed sales goals for clients across the globe.

We Cover Core Disciplines of Sales 

As a member of CSI University, your team will be trained and certified in the core disciplines of specialty pharmacy sales. We lay the foundation of what every good salesperson needs to know and build knowledge piece-by-piece so students will be able to:

  • Discover how to effectively engage current and potential customers
  • Identify opportunities and needs that may lead to sales growth
  • Appropriately respond when someone says “No” (and turn them back into a lead)
  • Master successful, proven closing techniques to drive conversion
  • Measure, track and report on sales

“Every CSI University student will walk away with the knowledge and skills they need to be a better sales person and team member.”

Take the Courses Anywhere, Anytime

CSI University is completely online, meaning you can avoid air fare, hotel costs and per diem for team members taking the training course (unless you’re feeling especially nice).

Since the course modules are completely digital, it means employees can train wherever they are at any time during the day as long as they have an internet connection (in other words, there’s no excuses).

Course Certificate and Shareable Digital Badge

At the end of the course, and once all quizzes have been completed, CSI University students will receive a course certificate they can print out as well as a sharable digital badge they can add to their LinkedIn profile showing they are certified in specialty pharmacy sales from the industry’s leading strategist.

Commonly Asked Questions

This course will help you and your team understand, develop and master sales techniques needed to attract and retain more clients. It will also help onboard new team members and make sure existing team members are up to date on the latest sales trends, terminology and tactics.
Yes, if you fail a quiz you are allowed to retake it at any point you wish.
Once enrolled, you will be able to move entirely at your own pace. In other words, you do not have an expiration date to complete the course and you can take as much time as you need.
We like to say the quizzes are just difficult enough that you’ll have to know the material and pay attention to the videos, but there aren’t trick questions or materials out of “left field”.
Of course! Once you are enrolled in the course, please feel free to contact and we would be happy to help in whatever way we can.
We are actively working to create several other industry-leading education courses to add to the curriculum of CSI University. Stay tuned to this page and your inbox for the latest developments on new courses.

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